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Tee.do new frontend released

teedo-newfrontteedo-fullscreenToday we released a new front-end for our Lean Task Management Tool Tee.do! The new front-end is utilizing the latest and most modern technologies such as AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 and semantic mark-up. The front-end is tested by using the Jasmine BDD-test suite. Check it out from


There are some new features, too:

  • There are two new detail views. First the ”Detail beside the overview” is opened on the right side of the display every time you click on some task.
  • We moved the editing of the task description and other information to the detail (previously they were direct-manipulated on the task, but not anymore)
  • If you double-click on a task, a full screen detail opens.
  • The add-pane hovers is always visible and hovers at the bottom of the page.
  • As a bug fix, the description -field is now very large, so you can actually easily read & edit it.
  • As a bug fix, you can now read and edit the Test Plan, too

The idea of Tee.do is to provide pure Lean task and work management tool-set for agile and lean organizations!

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