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gordon: the simple chef workflow

Nikolas Lahtinen, one of our top full-stack devops developers, wrote on his blog http://nikolas.ninja/gordon-simple-chef-workflow/

I was working on provisioning some Docker containers with Chef.

After finding the knife commands to be verbose to a degree of extreme annoyance and knife not managing the simple task of unpacking it’s own groceries, I decided there was need for an actual Chef so I called Gordon Ramsay over!

XVnCYozNo more annoying fumbling with the knife as you try to remember whether it was cookbook site download or site download cookbook or whatever. No more combing through metadata.rb and metadata.json files for dependencies. Need to create new repository? ”Where was that example repo again? I swear I had the url somehere in my emails…” Don’t worry, Gordon has got you covered!

Gordon – the apt-get of Chef

To be clear, gordon is a scaffolding app used to get you out up and running in matter of minutes. Perfect for kickstarting the provisioning files for chef-solo environments such as the virtualized kinds Docker and Vagrant provide. At the moment gordon has no abilities to communicate with Chef server other than generate static files.



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