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Call for Goal DSL

We found out that we don’t yet know a good way to write down our Personas and their Goals in a coherent way. There is also a problem in teaching the ways of Goal Oriented User Interface Design (GUIDe) to new interaction designers.

On the Internet other people than myself have also been considering the process how GUIDe can be


which are very similar to my thoughts about integrating GUIDe and Extreme Programming: http://pharazon.org/publications/GO-XP.pdf

However, the Extremeplanner’s article didn’t mention any way how to describe the Personas and Goals. I think we should create a Domain Specific Language (DSL)  to make it easier to write realistic goals that leave the design (workflow) open for designer to re-invent.

The power of Goal Driven UI Design comes from freedom to redesign the technical solution within the limits of current technological possibilities – the designer should be as open minded as possible to find out the what possibilities there are to use ”teleportation”, ”magic” or ”zen” in creating a design that employs 0 steps to achieve the Goal.

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